Installing GiveForms on a Wix website (Popup Style)

You can install a GiveForm on a Wix website as a popup form.

Step 1. Sign in to GiveForms, then go to Forms > *Your Form Name*

GiveForms Form Selection

Step 2. At the top right of the screen, click Embed My GiveForm.

Step 3. In the Embed Code Page, choose option number 1: Directly on a Webpage. Click “Copy” to copy the code.

Step 4. On the Website Editor, click the“Add” button on the left sidebar. Then, click “Button.” Choose button you like and drag it to the page you want to embed the GiveForm.

After dragging the “Button,”the page should look like the image below. You may also edit the button text:

Step 5. Create a LightBox. Click the ‘Add’ tab on the left-hand sidebar and search for Lightbox. Pick any of the designs that Wix has provided and drag it to the page.

You can start editing your lightbox by resizing and removing elements that are not needed.

Step 6. Use Wix’s HTML iframe. Click the “Add” button on the left sidebar. Scroll down to “More”. Then, click “Custom Embeds.” Choose the green box labeled “HTML iframe” and drag it to the Lightbox.

After dragging the “HTML iframe,” the Lightbox should look like this:

Step 7. Paste the GiveForms Code to HTML iframe. Click “Edit Code” then paste the GiveForms Code that was copied in Step 2.

Step 8. Adjust the Name, Layout and Design. Resize and make adjustments to fit the donation form. GiveForms, by default, has a border that may not always sync with the theme of your page. To remove the border, add the code – border:none as shown on the image below:

Also, don’t forget to rename your Lightbox for easy reference. Got to "Menus &Pages." Click "Lightboxes" then click the Lightbox to rename.

Step 9. Link your Form to the Donate Button. Select the button and click “Link“. You will find a popup asking where to link it. Select the lightbox that you want to link it to.

Step 10. Publish your page and wait for the donations to come in!