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How do I install GiveForms on my website?

GiveForms can be easily installed on any website running any content management system (WordPress, Squarespace, Craft CMS, Drupal, etc.). Your GiveForm can be embedded directly onto a webpage, or a link can open the GiveForm in a popup window.

In your GiveForms account, click the large blue button at the top right that says "Embed My GiveForm." From there, copy the code for the type of GiveForm you'd like to use (inline or popup), and paste it on to the page where you'd like the GiveForm to appear.

For a limited time we are offering free concierge installation for new customers. Email and we can take care of this process for you.

Does Stripe offer discounted pricing for non profits?

If you're a registered 501c3, you can get discounted, non profit pricing through Stripe (2.2% + .30 instead of 2.9% + .30).

To apply, setup a Stripe account, then email your request along with your Employer Identification Number (EIN) to

Read more on the Stripe website.

Is credit card data passed through GiveForms secure?

Yes, all forms are processed using SSL and 128 bit encryption, and there only the last 4 digits of credit cards are stored on GiveForms servers. Monthly recurring donations are all stored and processed on Stripe.

Does my website have to use SSL?

Yes, you'll need an SSL certificate in place on your website when embedding your GiveForm. There are free SSL certificates provided through Let's Encrypt and Cloudflare.

Can I export my data?

Yes, all donor data can be exported to CSV from the Donor Dashboard.

Does GiveForms support multiple currencies?

Yes, GiveForms will receive donations in over 30 currencies. The currency of your donor is detected and changed automatically. Currencies are automatically converted by Stripe. More information about how Stripe converts currency can be found here.