Can donors pay for my transaction fees?

Access this feature in GiveForms at:

Yes, you can (and should) ask donors to cover your transaction fees. This essentially makes the GiveForms platform free of charge. To enable this:

Step 1. Sign in to GiveForms, go to Forms, select your form, then click on the Fields tab.

Step 2. From there, check Ask donors to cover processing fees.  You can also set this to be checked by default.

How are fees calculated?

For an example, let's say a donor gives $100 and chooses to cover transaction fees. Here's how this would be calculated.

  • Let's assume an organization has a discounted Stripe fee (2.2% + $0.30) and branded GiveForms fee (1.9%).
  • The Stripe and GiveForms fee would be added to the $100, totaling $104.40.
  • The fee would also take into account the additional $4.40 added to the donation, bringing the total donation amount to $104.58.