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Fraud Prevention with Google reCAPTCHA


    GiveForms now offers improved security and fraud prevention through our Google reCAPTCHA implementation. reCAPTCHA is a technology that protects your site from spam and abuse. It uses risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart, preventing bots from making fraudulent donations and ensuring the only donations that make it through are from legitimate donors.

    reCAPTCHA typically requires displaying an ugly checkbox on your checkout process. To provide the best experience for your donors, we've instead implemented an invisible reCAPTCHA that works invisibly behind the scenes and is triggered when the user clicks the donate button.  By monitoring how the user interacts with the donation form, reCAPTCHA is able to distinguish bot and human traffic. If reCAPTCHA detects suspicious activity, it will display the reCAPTCHA checkbox and prevent fraudulent transactions from going through.

    All GiveForms are automatically updated with this feature. No action is required to enable this feature.

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