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Introducing Multi-Step Forms & More


    Our team has been active behind the scenes, pushing frequent updates and collecting feedback from customers. To date, our codebase has over 1,380 updates (aka commits), with 2-3 updates each week. Most are behind the scenes optimizations and bug fixes, but we've recently pushed a big update to GiveForms that includes multi-step forms and more.

    Multi-step forms

    The more fields you add to a form, the more cumbersome completing the form can feel. With Multi-Step forms, each section (amount, personal, and payment) is broken out into separate steps to make the donation process easier to digest and complete. This works for both inline and popup forms.

    How to switch

    Switching to Multi Step forms is relatively easy.

    • First Sign In to your account and go to Forms
    • Click on the GiveForm you want to change
    • Under the Layout tab, switch Single Page to Multi Page and click Save Form.
    • If this form was already in use, you'll need to update the embed code on your website. Click Embed My GiveForm to copy the embed code for your website.
    • Need help?  Reach out to support and we'll be happy to help.

    Form customizations

    In addition to Multi Step forms, there are also a number of form customizations introduced.

    Before this update, there were settings that applied globally to all forms, including payment methods, currencies, and receipt emails. Now you can override global settings and set unique payment methods, currencies, and receipt emails for each individual form.

    Custom fields & more

    Soon we'll be launching the ability to add custom fields: dropdowns, text fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes, to customize your GiveForm further. We also plan to integrate into Apple and Google Pay, along with text 2 give shortly thereafter.

    Is there an update or idea you'd like to see in GiveForms? Email us at hello@giveforms.com.  We read every email that comes through and truly value your feedback.

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