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Introducing: Custom Form Fields


    We’ve added the ability to include custom fields on your forms.  These are helpful if you need to:

    • Ask where a donation should be designated to
    • Have donors leave a comment
    • Confirming the age of your donor
    • Collect other useful info not included in our form

    Custom fields can be added to any GiveForm by going to the form editor, and clicking the Fields tab.

    Types of Form Fields

    Within here you can add text boxes, dropdown menus, or radio buttons. You can add these fields on either the amount or personal info section.

    Text Boxes
    Are useful for answers a donor needs to type in, such as requesting additional comments, asking a donors age.

    Radio Buttons
    Are useful when asking questions with 3 or fewer possible answers, such as a yes or no question.

    Dropdown Menus
    Are useful for questions that have more than 3 possible answers, such as asking what department should a donation be applied.


    Is there an update or idea you'd like to see in GiveForms? Email us at hello@giveforms.com. We read every email that comes through and truly value your feedback.

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