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Announcing the GiveForms Donor Portal


    The Donor Portal saves you time and effort by letting donors automatically manage their recurring donations and view/download donation receipts.  Donors access the portal using a special link at the bottom of their acknowledgment emails.  A large, prominent donate button offers another chance for donors to make a new donation.

    Launching Your Donor Portal

    Note that the Donor Portal is only visible after you save the Donor Portal for the first time. Below are instructions for launching the donor portal for your customers.

    1. Once you login to GiveForms, go to Settings → Donor Portal.
    2. Here you'll customize the look and feel of your donor portal.
    3. Click Preview Donor Portal to see what your Donor Portal will look like for donors.
    4. When you’re ready, click Save and your Donor Portal will be active for your donors.
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