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Introducing Google Pay


    GiveForms now supports Google Pay. If a visitor is using a supported browser, Google Pay will be the default payment option on the payment portion of your GiveForm.

    Donors no longer have to search for their credit cards.

    Why is this important?

    Over 60% of desktop Internet users use Google Chrome as their default browser and over 80% of mobile users are on Android. If they've made an online purchase before, their payment info is likely stored in Google Pay.  This means when prospective donors reach the payment portion of your GiveForm, they don't need to find and enter their credit card details. All of that is saved in Google Pay -- all they need to enter is the 3 digit CVV code.

    How do I enable Google Pay?

    Google Pay is automatically enabled on any GiveForm where it's available, no configuration or setup required.

    We value your feedback

    Is there an update or idea you'd like to see in GiveForms? Email us at hello@giveforms.com.  We read every email that comes through and truly value your feedback.

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