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The GiveForms mission is to build the best giving experience in order to maximize recurring donations, delight your donors, and grow your movement.

GiveForms helps nonprofits grow with monthly recurring donations

Grow Predictably with Monthly Recurring Donations

Acquiring and nurturing monthly recurring donors is one of the best ways to ensure the long-term financial health of your organization.  Recurring donations provide stable, diversified revenue that you can rely on and plan for.

GiveForms are optimized to make monthly giving prominent and simple, and is supported by a variety of payment methods.  No separate forms required.

GiveForms lets you take your fundraising global

Take Your Fundraising Global

Grow your movement globally and receive donations from all over the world on a single platform.  GiveForms lets you easily accept donations in over 30 currencies.

Set the default currency for each form or have it detected automatically and changed to the donor’s local currency.  Exchange rates are up to the minute, and calculated/processed instantly.

GiveForms lets you receive more donations by offering more payment methods

More Payment Methods Equals More Donations

The easier you make it for donors to give, the more you’ll receive.  Be careful not to lose donors because you don’t support their preferred payment method.

GiveForms allows donors to pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, or ACH bank transfers.  Even more options such as Apple Pay, and Google Pay coming soon.

Seamlessly Embedded
on Your Website

Keep valuable traffic on your website instead of redirecting to a 3rd party.   Donors are more likely to abandon giving when they’re suddenly redirected to a different website.

There are several ways to display a GiveForm on your website and accept donations seamlessly.  Either way, visitors never have to leave your website to give.

Simple Donor Relationship Management Built In

GiveForms offers a lightweight dashboard to keep track of your campaigns, donations and monthly recurring donors.  Instantly search and view your donors and export your donations to .csv format.

We’re one of the only giving solutions that encourages integration with Salesforce, to give nonprofits a sustainable, powerful donor management combo without locking you into our ecosystem.

More Powerful Donor Management with Salesforce

Our Salesforce integration syncs all of your campaign and donor information in near real-time to Salesforce.  Salesforce is free for nonprofits, making Salesforce and GiveForms a powerful yet financially sustainable combo.

Struggling to migrate over to Salesforce?  We’ve teamed with Salesforce consultants that can help with setup, migration, and training.  Contact us to learn more.

GiveForms Feature - Create Unlimited Forms

Create Unlimited Forms

Create and customize as many forms as you need, each with unique, editable URLs.

GiveForms Feature - Branded Email Receipts

Branded Email Receipts

We send mobile friendly, branded email receipts that can include your logo and custom messaging.

GiveForms Feature - Mobile Optimized

Mobile Optimized

Donation forms are optimized to display perfect and convert well on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

GiveForms Feature - Tokenized Financial Data

Tokenized Card Data

We don’t store any card information. All card and bank account data is tokenized before charging.

GiveForms Feature - SSL/TLS Encryption

SSL/TLS Encryption

Donations are processed securely using 256-bit SSL encryption. The process is exceptionally secure.

GiveForms Feature - Anonymous Donations

Anonymous Donations

Our platform supports donors that want to give but keep their identity anonymous.

GiveForms Feature - Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

You can run a PPC campaign through Facebook or Google and keep track of your conversions.

GiveForms Feature - Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It will attract more interest and spread awareness.

GiveForms Feature - Donor Covered Fees

Donor Covered Fees

Give donors the option to cover the processing and platform fees on their donations.