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6 Tips to Supercharge Your Giving Tuesday 2023


    Giving Tuesday 2023 is just around the corner, and presents a great opportunity for your nonprofit organization to achieve its fundraising targets and make its biggest difference of the year. 

    Don't miss out – It's the best day to rally your supporters, rake in donations, and broadcast your unique mission to the world! 

    The GivingTuesday Data Commons estimated $3.1 billion was raised in the United States alone during Giving Tuesday 2022. Additionally, you have the potential to reach an immense audience this year based on the 37 million U.S. adult participants in 2022. 

    Plus, Giving Tuesday is on a roll, getting bigger and better each year. Just look at the stats: from 2021 to 2022, fundraising shot up by 15% and participation by 6%. Imagine the possibilities for your nonprofit this year!

    In 2023, Giving Tuesday will be celebrated on Tue, Nov 28. So, let’s get the ball rolling!

    What is Giving Tuesday?

    Established in 2012 by New York's 92nd Street Y, Giving Tuesday aims to shift focus from the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to giving back to the community. It has since evolved into a global movement dedicated to promoting charitable giving with participation from over 150 countries.

    GiveForms has distilled our expertise and research into six effective tips designed to maximize your donations and extend the reach of your nonprofit this year. 

    Our 6 Tips for Maximization

    1. Establish KPIs

    Eager to see tangible growth for your nonprofit on Giving Tuesday? Let's dive into the metrics. The best way to unlock the Power of Giving Tuesday requires a strategy backed by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs are numbers that allow you to quantify and measure the performance of goals for your nonprofit.

    Whether it's a fundraising target, the number of new donors you want to acquire, or the reach you aim to achieve on social media, establishing clear, achievable targets based on past performance is key to gauging your success.

    Think back to your Giving Tuesday campaign last year and identify its successes and areas for improvement. Consider ways to increase your Donation Conversion Rate, Average Donation Amount, or Social Media Engagement, and craft a plan to boost those metrics. 

    For example, let's say you noticed a low Donation Conversion Rate during Giving Tuesday 2022. You can use that as your springboarding KPI. Set a realistic yet ambitious target for this year, and make a plan to reach it. You may consider switching to a donation platform that has high conversion rates. And when the big day rolls around, don't forget to circle back and evaluate your success against your benchmarks.

    Here are some other KPIs to consider:

    • Total Donations: The overall amount of money raised is a fundamental KPI, as it directly measures the campaign's financial success.
    • New Donor Acquisition: Attracting new donors is essential for long-term sustainability, making this KPI crucial for expanding your supporter base.
    • Email Open and Click-Through Rates: These metrics evaluate the effectiveness of your email outreach, which is a valuable channel for donor engagement.
    • Matching Gift Utilization: If you have matching gift programs, tracking the number of donors who take advantage of them can significantly increase your campaign's fundraising potential.
    • Impact Metrics: Quantifying and communicating the specific outcomes or beneficiaries impacted by the funds raised can help demonstrate the real-world effects of your campaign, fostering donor trust and loyalty.

    Utilize KPIs to make informed choices, drawing from past experiences to fine-tune your strategy for maximum impact and goal achievement. These indicators serve as your guide, leading the way for your campaign's success on Giving Tuesday.

    2: Craft A Giving Tuesday Story

    Storytelling is your secret weapon for connections with donors. When your narrative strikes a chord, you're not just gaining a donor, but recruiting a passionate advocate ready to champion your cause!

    So how do you tell a story that captivates hearts and inspires action this Giving Tuesday? Introduce the people behind the nonprofit—the dedicated staff, passionate volunteers, or the individuals who have directly benefited from your work. 

    We’ve compiled a few of our favorite nonprofit examples which tell amazing stories with emotional depth and authenticity:

    charity: water: Excels in sharing personal stories of individuals and communities transformed by access to clean water.

    St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: Highlights the resilience of young patients through heartwarming stories of children battling cancer and the life-saving work being done at the hospital.

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF): Focuses on endangered species and their struggles, tugging at the heartstrings of animal lovers and raising awareness about wildlife conservation.

    For storytelling insights that will elevate your fundraising, check out our article, Nonprofit Storytelling and Successful Fundraising.

    3. Get Social

    On Giving Tuesday, social media is an invaluable tool for nonprofits, not only to amplify your carefully crafted story but also to excite donors with engagement that is sure to boost donations.

    As the day approaches, why not build anticipation through a countdown campaign? Utilize various channels like social media, email, and your website to drop teaser content or behind-the-scenes glimpses. Generate a buzz and anticipation among your supporters, so they eagerly await the big day. Make them feel like they are part of something special – your unique cause!

    On Giving Tuesday itself, go beyond traditional storytelling and draw your donors into an interactive digital experience. According to Nonprofit Source, 55% of people who engage with nonprofits on social media end up taking some sort of action. So, don't just tell your story, make it a gripping, interactive journey that turns your social media followers into committed advocates.

    Here are some strategies to engage with your audience this Giving Tuesday:

    • Live Q&A Sessions: Host live Q&A sessions on social media platforms or via webinars. Answer donors' questions in real time, providing a human voice and visible passion behind your mission.
    • Virtual Tours: Offer virtual tours of your nonprofit's operations or project sites. Use video streaming to take donors behind the scenes, showcasing the impact of their support.
    • Social Media Engagement: Leverage social media platforms for interactive engagement. Run polls, quizzes, or surveys related to your mission. Encourage donors to share their thoughts, stories, or reasons for supporting your nonprofit using a specific hashtag.
    • Gamification: Incorporate gamification elements into your Giving Tuesday campaign. Create online games or challenges that donors can participate in for a chance to win prizes or recognition. Have fun with it!
    • Engage with Impact Data: Keep donors engaged throughout the day with real-time data updates on your campaign's progress. Use compelling visuals and data to showcase how close you are to your goals and the immediate impact of their contributions. This sense of immediacy and exclusivity not only motivates donors to act on Giving Tuesday but also reinforces their belief in your nonprofit's ability to create transformative change.

    This hands-on involvement deepens the connection between donors and your mission, making Giving Tuesday a day of not just giving, but also learning and engagement.

    Elevate your social media game with these eye-catching GivingTuesday GIFs and Instagram Stickers!

    4. Engage Donors

    Your donors are the backbone of your mission, and it's crucial to demonstrate how deeply you value their support. 

    Send heartfelt thank-you messages and updates that highlight their direct impact on Giving Tuesday. Keep donors informed about how their contributions are immediately making a positive change throughout the day. Check out 15 Sincere Ways to Say Thank You to Your Donors for more ideas on how to show your appreciation on Giving Tuesday. 

    Offer unique opportunities for donors to engage beyond financial contributions. Encourage them to share their Giving Tuesday stories or reasons for support using a dedicated hashtag. By engaging donors in distinctive ways, you create a sense of belonging and active involvement, making them feel like integral partners in your mission.

    Highlight donor names or stories on your website or social media. Host virtual or in-person donor appreciation events and send tokens of appreciation, such as personalized thank-you messages or digital badges. Acknowledge milestones related to their Giving Tuesday support. Feeling appreciated and valued strengthens their emotional connection to your mission, inspiring continued participation in future events.

    Additionally, use this day to build relationships with new donors by collaborating with other nonprofits, businesses, and community organizations that align with your mission. Joint initiatives can introduce your nonprofit to its supporters and broaden your reach. 

    On Giving Tuesday, host a group webinar, conference, networking event, or workshop together. These events will attract potential donors, philanthropic individuals, and corporate sponsors who are likely passionate about your mission. Promote these events in advance with assistance from partner organizations and interact with their audience during the event.

    5. Leverage Matching Gifts

    Matching gifts not only enhances your organization's chances of receiving additional corporate donations but also serves as a strong incentive for individual donors. 

    Remarkably, data from Double the Donation reveals that 84% of donors are more inclined to make a gift when they are aware of a corporate matching opportunity. This concept motivates donors by increasing the impact of their contributions and incentivizing them to give more, knowing that their employer will also contribute to the same cause.

    Here are some of our favorite strategies for securing matching gift partnerships:

    Employee Engagement: Encourage your current donors who work for companies with matching gift programs to participate. These donors are already invested in your cause and are more likely to take action after being informed about their matching gift opportunity.

    Educational Outreach: Create a dedicated section on your website and incorporate matching gift information into your donation process. This ensures that donors are aware of the program and can easily access resources to check if their employers offer matching gifts. GiveForms seamlessly integrates this process into our donation software, making it easy and efficient for both donors and organizations.

    Direct Outreach to Corporations: Proactively reach out to businesses in your community with a compelling proposal. If your nonprofit aligns with a company's values and mission, they may be more inclined to support your cause through matching gift programs.

    While these strategies are effective, we recommend combining multiple approaches for better results. Their success may also depend on the size and engagement level of your donor base, so tailoring your approach to your specific audience is crucial.

    Learn more about How Matching Gifts Can Play a Role in Giving Tuesday.

    6. Optimize Your Website and Donation Process

    A user-friendly website ensures that potential donors can easily navigate your site, find the Giving Tuesday information they need, and make donations with minimal friction. It also enhances your nonprofit's credibility and fosters trust. Donors are more likely to support organizations that present themselves effectively online.

    Here are some of our tips on how to make your website user-friendly and professional:

    • Streamline Donation Forms: Simplify the donation process with clean, straightforward forms. Minimize required fields and make it easy for donors to complete their contributions quickly.
    • Brand Consistency: Brand your donation form to look and feel consistent with your website and other promotional materials.
    • Multiple Payment Options: Offer various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and mobile payment options, to accommodate donor preferences.
    • Security Assurance: Clearly display trust symbols and security badges to reassure donors that their personal and financial information is secure.
    • Suggested Donation Amounts: Include suggested donation amounts on the form to guide donors and encourage larger contributions.
    • Recurring Donations: Enable donors to set up recurring contributions with ease, allowing them to make ongoing commitments effortlessly. This will help you reach your future goals as well!

    We’re here to make this step way easier. GiveForms is an all-in-one platform that effortlessly incorporates each of these enhancements to make your donation process a breeze. Our product provides donors with a range of convenient payment options, and it prioritizes the security of all transactions, employing encryption and tokenization. 

    With GiveForms, donors can easily make monthly contributions and have the freedom to independently manage or discontinue them. Donors even have the option to cover payment processing fees, so more of the dollars you raise go towards your mission!

    Register for a free account today.

    Get Ready to Meet Your Goals

    Giving Tuesday is an extraordinary opportunity for nonprofits to make a significant impact and reach their fundraising goals. With its growing influence and the potential to connect with millions of donors, this day demands strategic planning, engaging storytelling, and active donor involvement. 

    By setting clear objectives, leveraging matching gifts, and optimizing online platforms, charities can harness the power of Giving Tuesday to inspire generosity, drive change, and make a lasting difference in the world. 

    As November 28th approaches, get ready to make Giving Tuesday 2023 a day that truly inspires generosity and meaningful contributions.

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